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Image by Martin Adams
An Interlude is a "half-time" pause in the midst of many tunes competing for your attention. 

Many things are expected or requested; few are truly needed. One that is? Reflection.

We can't be strategic while we are being operational. Neither can we expect relationships to flourish without listening, learning and sharing. The pandemic taught us to give our people space and time for physical, social, emotional and spiritual wellness. We all need energy and collaboration, if we are to deliver on our potential. 

Science has shown that people learn best via "AHA!" experiences that we reflect on and then apply (Kolb, 1984; CGSC, 1998).

An Interlude is a strategic investment in your well-being and leadership effectiveness. As integrated executive experiences, they are immersive, mindful and practical. We promise not to sing "Kumbaya" even once.  But you will be challenged to refresh your perspective, engage your awareness and focus your attention as you prepare for your "next" in a relaxed setting, with a limited number of significant organizational leaders - either colleagues or customers (your choice).

Interludes are hosted by Focused People, leaders in connected people development.

They includes:

  • A gala networking dinner on arrival

  • A focused process with plenty of time to refresh and reflect
  • Dialogue and problem-solving conversations

  • Executive coaches to "hold the space"

  • Video and photographic support

  • Follow-up consulting, as needed

* A "concrete experience" (CE) is a living metaphor that stimulates past knowledge and opens awareness to fresh learning. A CE also levels the playing field, providing a common reference point for diverse group members and an emotional connection essential for internalizing learning.


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