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Refresh your Perspective

An Interlude is a "half-time" pause for thought in the midst of many "tunes" competing for your attention.

Many things are expected or requested; few are truly needed.

One that is? Reflection. We can't be strategic when we are being operational. Neither can we network in a transactional way and expect relationships to flourish. We also learn best when we have "concrete" experiences, take time to process it (reflect) and then apply learnings (Kolb, 1984; CGSC, 1998). The pandemic taught us to give our people space and time for physical, social and emotional wellness. Yet we may not extend the same courtesy to ourselves, because we need to "keep the ship afloat". 


Interludes are a business investment in your well-being, leadership effectiveness, sanity and humanity. As integrated executive experiences, they are immersive, mindful and practical. We promise not to sing "Kumbaya" even once.  But you will be challenged to refresh your perspective, engage your awareness and focus your attention as you prepare for your next in a beautiful setting, with no more than 11 other significant organizational leaders.

Interludes are hosted by Focused People Consulting, leaders in connected people development. The experience includes:

  • A gala networking dinner on arrival (day 1)

  • Mindful personal executive coaching

  • Space and time to refresh and reflect strategically

  • Dialogue and problem-solving conversations

  • Unique exposure to international inspirers

  • Follow-up consultation

  • Video and photographic evidence 


* A concrete experience (CE) is simply a tangible "AHA!" experience or "living metaphor" that stimulates our past experience and knowledge and opens our awareness to fresh learning that might follow.. Besides allowing us to relate a topic to their own understanding, a CE levels the playing field, providing a common reference point beyond the life experience of diverse group members and provides an emotional connection point that is essential for internalizing learning.  A good CE provides an opportunity to reflect and then consider how the learning gained might "spread" to other areas of personal or organizational life.