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What We Do

Practical Solutions for Productivity and High Performance
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Business Model and Team Performance

Performance Consulting

Business Model Innovation is a modern necessity, as is maximizing team performance, yet we tend to prioritize day-to-day operations over these.

Most organizations need their operating blueprint re-evaluated from time to time, as well as ensuring that the organizations core IP and differentiation is sustainable. We have found that there are at least four dimensions to this and that building resilient, adaptable teams  requires a long-term commitment to a culture that supports choice, mistakes and a sum greater than the parts. High-performance teams have open and honest communication, shared standards and value the contribution of each member, without exception. Individuals here enjoy challenging tasks and thrive in a culture of innovation, meaning and achievement.


People are often self-motivated, but demotivated via unhelpful systems, structures or policies. If our business model is relevant and effective, we still need to support and authorize effective execution and enable individuals to complete their roles and scale projects or ideas to the next level.

How do we support this?

  • Business Model Consulting

  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring

  • Gamification and Simulations

  • Practical Team Support

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Training and Coaching that Works

Real Business Learning

Without energy, or drive, work cannot be done. Without work, all we have is potential, for which there is no business case or feasible strategy.

If there's one truth that resonates across the globe from the Covid-19 pandemic, it's that physical well-being is important. So, too, is stress management, communication, empathy and effective mindsets that drive excellence and high performance. If we are to bring out the best in our people, we need them to be both resourced and respected; delivering quality work consistently and receiving the support of executives, team members and significant others. This kind of ecosystem produces sustainable achievement and team morale, but it doesn't emerge by default: only by design.

For too long, learning has happened in a vacuum of sorts, separated from practical application and accountability. We prefer to offer learning in a format that supports internalization and application. We combine of online self-study, live masterclasses, coaching and workplace application. 

How do we develop these skills?

  • Business Coaching

  • Masterclasses

  • Mindful Reflection and self-study

  • Collaboration with Business Units

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Engaging Employees & Customers

Customer Experience

Brands that resonate with customers thrive in a VUCA world. They engage through vision, understanding, clarity and agility and their values are tangible.

Growth in the "new normal" requires innovation and "rainmaking", where sales are not time or activity based, but instead draw on networking and easily integrate (include) diverse new people and businesses. Humans are teleological: we need regular, authentic feedback to adapt our trajectory and ensure that we hit our targets. Being customer-centric means that our KPI's and dashboards must align with "frontline" insights that deliver tangible results to our customers, with "listening posts" and "red-flag mechanisms" established to offer objective measures of engagement with employees, customers and communities.  

The AMA Critical Skills Inventory found that critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration would define the next era of work. Building on customer-centricity, then, we also need to make space for play in the workday: exposure, learning, dialogue, design and prototyping. Are you on track?

How do we stimulate growth?

  • Touch-point Calibration

  • Business Immersions

  • Integration of people/ businesses

  • Sustainable Differentiation