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Engaging and Developing

Leading self and others in 2020 requires a very different mindset, approach and set of tools to 1985, or even 2005, when stability was the norm, not uncertainty. The new toolkit has a mirror, modem and map as necessities.

The mirror is for self-awareness and causes resilient, mindful and resonant leadership, built on mindsets, mastery and secure confidence. 

The modem enables connections that are authentic, inclusive, engaging and empowering. Interpersonal skills and a coaching style encourage collaboration, feedback and accountable strategy execution.

The map is kinetic: it asks you to actively walk your talk, with feedback getting more accurate as you move. Being a "work-in-progress" is admirable and allows adaptation to changing terrain.

How do we develop these skills?

  • Online Executive Learning

  • Live Masterclasses

  • Practical Partnership​ and Coaching


Execution and Learning

Building resilient, adaptable teams is not rocket-science, but it does require a long-term commitment to a culture that supports choice, mistakes and a sum greater than the parts. Teams are not groups, if they have shared objectives.

High-performance (stellar) teams have open and honest communication, shared standards and value the contribution of each member, without exception.

These teams enjoy challenging tasks and thrive in a culture of innovation, meaning and achievement. They do not need to be motivated. They need to not be demotivated by unhelpful systems and policies. Only the gain remains.

Building upon effective leadership, high-performance teams go beyond "tolerance" to develop understanding and beyond compliance to draw out united contribution.

How do we support this?

  • Capability building 

  • Collaborative games/ simulations

  • In-meeting Coaching Support


Top-line Growth

Putting out fires is not strategic, nor is it energy-efficient or good for customers. Organisations need top-line growth as much as they need bottom-line efficiency. Brands that resonate with markets grow like wildfire in a VUCA world. 

Growth comes in various forms and business model innovation, integration of people and businesses and community engagement will be critical. Strategy and operations need to align, with a stable core supporting expansive adjacencies. Budgets, processes and KPI's need to be aligned with creative pursuits, customer-orientated goals and forums that encourage thought-leadership and collaboration.

Remaining relevant and responsive, with a positive reputation will not be easy, but it is the mark of an agile brand. LeaderVu™ will measure where you are, and keep your development on track. 

How do we partner with you here?

  • Innovation & Change Leadership

  • Integration of people/ businesses

  • Sustainable Differentiation

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