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Practical Solutions for Productivity and High Performance
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Strategic People Development

Work-Life Mastery

Business has existed before us and will continue beyond us. Yet our contribution matters and the creativity, critical thinking and collaboration of people lies at the core of sustainable business advantage.


We need physical and psychological well-being - energy - to be at our best. We cannot "squeeze the orange harder" and hope that we don't run out of juice. We will communicate, perform, innovate and lead well in our sphere of influence when running on premium resources. This kind of performance can be developed throughout the organisation, with our ways of working matching the strategy, times and the global market we serve.

People need engagement, inclusion, challenging tasks and the opportunity to achieve meaningful goals. They are already driven to succeed in areas that matter to them, but demotivated by unhelpful systems or attitudes.

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Sustainable Team Performance

Delivering on Promise

Without energy, or drive, work cannot be done. Without work, all we have is potential, for which there is no business case or feasible strategy. 

If there's one truth that resonates across the globe from the Covid-19 pandemic, it's that we need to address the emotional and social needs of colleagues. If we want to bring out the best in our people, we need to develop, authorise and support them, through coaching, mentoring and training. Resourced, resilient and effective colleagues thrive in challenging work assignments. 

Unfortunately, these skills cannot be "caught" from Tik-Tok or Instagram or a 2-day video course. They emerge only by dialogue, application, experimentation and adaptation..

Team-building goes beyond go-karting or time on the high ropes together. It is the robust interaction of moving beyond tolerance to understanding that shapes journeys and builds cohesion. 

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Innovation Consulting

Finding Fresh Streams

Growth in the "new normal" requires innovation and "rainmaking", where sales are not time or activity based, but instead draw on networking and easily integrate diverse new people and businesses. Humans are like missiles, needing regular feedback and input to adapt our trajectory and ensure that we hit meaningful targets.

The AMA Critical Skills Inventory found that critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration define the 21st Century world of work. Building on situational awareness, then, we need to make space for play in the workday: exposure, learning, dialogue and prototyping. "Red-flag mechanisms" and structures are important, but won't stimulate growth. Enlarging our network and inviting collaboration and creativity into the core of our operations will establish creative communities that pioneer fresh practices.