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What We Do

We help you focus, enhancing your sustainable advantage as you adapt to disruptive times.
1. Focused Leadership: An Aperture™ Adventure
Image by Wan San Yip
Develop Leadership, not just Leaders

Our integrated Aperture Journey is a "turnkey", customized, development program. 

  • created for a post-pandemic world

  • focused on long-term change (sustainable growth doesn't happen overnight; effective learning requires reflection and assimilation with consent and passion)

  • encourages integrated implementation of learning, not just exposure

  • aligned with the Institute for Leadership and Management (

The journey includes:

  • Diagnostics to establish the current reality and address root causes of conflict, anxiety or systemic issues
  • Coaching. We are well-known for our international executive coaching, where we hold the space one-to-one and in small groups, for personalized growth.
  • On-demand learning and personal reflection

  • Masterclasses with subject-matter experts

  • Practical application: delegates will be need to apply learnings to on-site challenges

Aperture partners with significant global organizations to bring you an agile, focused and applied curriculum. Besides the IL&M, we also partner with the Oya Group and GoPeak International (Africa), IDM (UK/Africa, GAIA Insights (Europe) and 8th Mile Consulting (Australia) for specialized electives, such as applied wisdom from the field of medicine (well-being), special forces (resilience), mountaineering (vision), music (collaboration), narrative development, brand experience, market research and professional sport..

The curriculum is a future-fit blend of personal, social and emotional mastery within a digital-first world. The journey is holistic, addressing human-technological intersections as well as well-being (Seligman, Buford, Cashman, Plutchik, Koortzen), performance (Gallwey, Glasser, Nideffer, Page), innovation (Peters, Herrero, Wiseman, Cleese), "3C Experience" (Kaufman, Kapferer, Aaker), leadership and culture (Taylor, Brown, Cashman, Greenleaf, George, Ulrich, Collins, Edmondson).

2. Focused Teams: Calibrations
Capacitate Teams In Bite-sized Chunks

We all need to "retool" and "recalibrate" at times, especially when we work in different geographical locations and on different projects, yet form a team.

Access wisdom from within the team and from our panel of innovators, executive coaches and change agents who can focus their network, experience and knowledge on your unique challenges. Harness your team's energy to align, collaborate and achieve greater things together.. We customize a process that meets your team cohesion goals, with skill-building, not just "eyes-on-video" sessions.


Additional Conversation Topics: 

  • Leadership Transition: New exco? New CEO or HRD/CHRO? Leadership changes as culture and context do. Leading well in Nigeria does not equate to effective leadership in Cape Town, Mauritius or Germany, for example. Likewise, our way of working in in flux, and it helps to draw on those who have been walking this path for a while already.

  • Embedding Values: When deciding on a new course, it's best to avoid mutiny from the crew. Co-creating a guiding philosophy and embedding it into the core of all interactions and operations is a long-term approach that will sustain a brand. But this kind of organizational memory - a way of being - takes time to build, or to reinforce after challenging times. There's never a good time to do this, just like success is not an automatic choice.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Few people will disagree that self-awareness, self-management, empathy, social awareness and relationship management are important. Yet we spend so little time attending to growth in these areas.

  • Mentor Training and Support: Mentoring programs often fail, yet few leaders will deny the value of mentoring. The difference? Credibility, which lies in the hands of the mentee. Some people are just not perceived as credible mentors. Those who are can be supported with tools to enhance their impact, and those who aren't credible yet can be encouraged to increase their authentic influence.

  • Coach Training and Support: Mentors share who they are, who they know and what they know to serve the future of their mentees. Coaches facilitate learning in bite-sized chunks of agreed goals. For this reason, micro-coaching and peer coaching can add momentum, to an organization's learning initiatives.

  • Team Dynamics: Team composition, projects, leadership and context can force change in structures, processes and energy. Team "check-ups"  ensure functional relationships, roles and goal achievement. Assuming alignment and integration is dangerous, with understanding clarified through dialogue, conflict and meaningful, shared assignments. Enable robust conversations that engage, align and enable growth.

  • Presence and Speaker Coaching: Authentic Voice is about identity, resonance and thought leadership, which almost always needs some external perspective to draw out immaculately. We prepare you for TED or any other thought-leadership opportunities.

  • Innovation: Business Model, Product or Experience: Your nose is constantly in your field of vision, yet you block it out to be able to focus. Since we don't see all there is to see, it makes sense to invite collaboration with those who spend their lives stimulating creativity. Our Panel of Innovators fast-track growth their a multi-disciplinary approach and credible experience, from Digital Strategists and Leaders of Global Innovation Hubs to Professional Songwriters, 3D Visualizers and more, our team is diverse, connected and at your service.  

  • "3 C Experience" Testing: External verification of how you are really doing at each touch-point of your brand experience with colleagues, customers and communities. We go beyond "mystery shopping" to providing developmental feedback from recognized specialists, and stay on the road with you to help you implement changes. 

Accelerate change in areas important to your strategy. Let's meet to make growth happen.

3. Focused Stakeholder Experience: Immersions and Interludes™
Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa
Experience Innovation and Apply Change

Staying within the boundaries of our head office or home will not expose us to different industries, ideas or perspectives. With "always-on" access and fewer colleagues, in general, we tend to problem-solve without accessing subconscious creativity, networks or existing case studies. Remote/ virtual learning also comes with an "online penalty" of increased pressure from watching facial cues and seeing oneself constantly, as well as increased need for self-motivation, distraction-avoidance and structured social activity.

Immersions are business encounters: experiences that allow an irreplaceable, real-time "dip in the water" of team learning and networking with iconic, dynamic people. There is a strong business case for "concrete experiences" (Kolb) that improve engagement, trust-building, problem-solving and personal mastery. Alternatives might be cheaper, but are much more time-consuming and ultimately less effective than willing exposure that engages the head, heart, mind and body. 

1. Local: Unique, 2-day Immersions in the world of Music or Photography.

  • The Rhythm of Business™ involves songwriting and recording an original song with professional musicians. The music industry was one of the first to be impacted by technological innovation and digitization. What can we learn from them?

  • Through the Lens™ invites you to see life differentlyon location and in the studio, with established photographers. Focus is easy to speak about, but more difficult to understand, unless one embraces the lessons of photography.

2. National and International: Multi-site Immersions take you to where innovative pioneers are ahead of the curve, living the future now. They challenge us to re-shape our own environment.

Sample Immersions:

  • Rwandan Reconnoiter - experience innovation in e-governance, technological forethought that brought one of the world's first drone-ports to Africa and reconciliation at the heart of culture.

  • Singapore Soul  explore a place so proactive they started their business development board a year before they became a nation! Encounter safety, service and sustainable partnerships that span the globe.

  • Dubai Discovery: connect with the jewel of the UAE, learning what can only be learnt there - from innovative energy solutions and built-environment infrastructure to iconic metaverse and technology investment -Dubai will challenge as much as it inspires.

  • Interludes™ are bespoke business encounters that offer a "half-time pause" between movements. Interludes restore focus, energy and creativity, while expanding executive network and building customer intimacy. Reinvigorate your next while you keep the wheels in motion. What's included? Awe-inspiring "bucket-list" experiences, mindful exploration, executive coaching, video support and lots of time for conversations with executive peers and/or key customers.

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