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What We Do

We help you focus on what matters, both now and into the future. 
1. Leadership: Go on an Aperture™ Journey
Image by Wan San Yip

Our integrated Aperture Journey is a customized approach to developing core, future-fit competencies. 

  • created for a post-pandemic world where humanity and technology intersect

  • integrates international exposure, masterclasses, coaching and self-study

  • focused on long-term impact

  • encourages integrated implementation of learning

  • aligned with the Institute of Leadership (

Aperture partners with significant global organizations and thought leaders to bring you agile, relevant and focused learning.. Join other pioneering organizations who are passionate about addressing your sustainable value proposition,  well-being, performance and innovation pipeline. 

Lead for all you're worth. And develop teams of successors who will take you further.

Sustain your Advantage
Above the Clouds
2. Focus your Teams: Calibrate for High Performance
Capacitate Teams to Deliver Consistently

Build team effectiveness through dialogue, not just one-day events. 

Teams are the pivotal unit of organizational delivery. Yet they are the most neglected in terms of tracking effectiveness and energy.


High-performance teams need:

  • shared expectations and standards

  • transparent processes, systems and dashboards

  • clear and honest communication

  • diversity (harmony) that drives dialogue

  • mutual respect 

Change management in its traditional form fails more often than it succeeds. So it needs a reboot - and that is where teams come into their own. Rather than top-down "waterfall" projects and appointed change managers, new-breed change agents are recognized, empowered and supported by leaders who mentor them and co-create the desired change.


We all need to "retool" and "recalibrate" at times, especially when we work in different geographical locations and on different projects. Teams also need to be "re-onboarded" and aligned from time to time, to maintain unity and keep the "main thing" in focus. Access wisdom from within your teams and from our panel of innovators, executive coaches and change agents: be effective, rather than just compliant.

Accelerate change in areas important to your strategy.

3. Experience an Interlude™
Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa
Experience Innovation and Apply Change

Some things are best experienced, rather than read or spoken about. 

Interludes™ are bespoke immersions that focus on well-being, collaboration and innovation. They may include a customer or ESG lens. From "bucket-list" experiences to mindful strategic reviews and team integration breakaways, these unique business experiences feature executive coaching, deep conversation with executive peers and strategic networking.

Staying within the boundaries of our office or home will not expose us to innovation in other industries, or fresh perspectives. With "always-on" access, most people problem-solve without accessing diverse networks or pioneering case studies. Digital learning also comes with an "online penalty" of increased "back-to-back" scheduling, prolonged working hours and a need to respond to messages instantly. 

Allowing real-time exposure to pioneering people, places and products, along with networking and strategic reflection has a strong business case. These "concrete experiences" improve engagement, trust, problem-solving and personal mastery. Alternatives might be cheaper, but consume more time and are not perceived as rewarding by employees. Investing in off-site business experiences pays its own dividends.   

Local or International: Multi-site Immersions take you to where global pioneers are ahead of the curve, living the future now. Connecting with them in person challenges us to re-shape our own environment and builds networks of substantial depth. We heartily recommend Interludes™ in Rwanda, Mauritius, Singapore, Japan and Dubai, but will find unique learning through our partners, from Cape Town to California. 

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