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How We Equip You

Versatile Leadership™

Challenging, Developing, Engaging 

Leading self and others now requires a very different mindset, approach and set of tools to those of 1985, or even 2005, when stability was the norm, not uncertainty. The new toolkit has a mirror, modem and map included.

The mirror is for self-awareness and causes resilient, mindful and resonant leadership, built on growth mindsets, mastery and agency.

The modem enables connections that are authentic, inclusive, engaging and empowering. Interpersonal skills and a coaching style encourage collaboration, feedback and accountable strategy execution. Psychological safety (belonging, identification) and a low-bias environment is the result.

The map is kinetic: it asks you to actively walk your talk, with feedback getting more accurate as you move. Being a "work-in-progress" is admirable and allows adaptation to the changing terrain.

How do we develop these skills?

  • Executive Coaching

  • Learning Journeys

  • Practical Partnership​

Team Performance

Passion, Execution and Learning

Building resilient, adaptable teams is not rocket-science, but it does require a long-term commitment to a culture that supports choice, mistakes and a sum greater than the parts. Teams are not groups, if they have shared objectives.

High-performance (stellar) teams have open and honest communication, shared standards and value the contribution of each member, without exception.

These teams enjoy challenging tasks and thrive in a culture of innovation, meaning and achievement. They do not need to be motivated. They are already self-motivated. They need to not be demotivated by unhelpful systems and policies. They endure pain, and only the gain remains.

Building upon effective leadership, high-performance teams go beyond "tolerance" to develop understanding and beyond compliance to draw out united contribution.

How do we support this?

  • Capability building 

  • Gamification and Simulations

  • In-meeting Team Support

Customer Experience

Growth as the Norm

Organizations need top-line growth as much as - if not more than - they need bottom-line efficiency. We cannot shrink our way to greatness, neither can we instill autonomy and initiative through more control.


Brands that resonate with customers thrive in a VUCA world. They engage through vision, understanding, clarity and agility and their values are tangible.

Growth needs to include innovation and "rainmaking", where sales are not minute or activity based, but rather draw on trusted networks and connections. Integration of new people and businesses goes hand-in-hand with this, as does space created to play: exposure, learning, dialogue, design and prototyping result.

Align your KPI's and dashboards with creative pursuits, global benchmarks and customer insights that deliver tangible results. LeaderVu™ tools and immersive excursions will help you move from where you are to where you want to be. 

How do we stimulate growth?

  • Immersive "Discovery" Experiences

  • Integration of people/ businesses

  • Sustainable Differentiation