About Us

Focused People was born out of a passionate desire to stop poor business practices from persisting and to enable exponential growth.

What we noticed in organizations was:

  • Leadership behavior that encouraged blind-spots more than engagement and critical thinking.

  • A general lack of meaning and purpose

  • "Siloed" hiring and "onboarding" practices 

  • A short-term focus that excluded customers, communities and even employee input

  • High levels of anxiety and stress, as people were asked to "do more with less" 

  • A lack of business-model innovation and inclusive creativity

  • A lack of skill in preparing the leadership "bench"

  • Workplace cultures that were devoid of "spirit" and the playful experimentation that drives innovation


Our Values

  • Never do a shoddy job (customer-centricity, excellence)

  • Help people discover (AHA moments)

  • Make a difference (top-line, bottom-line, breakfast line)

  • Be adaptive and aware (context-customized)

  • Stay progressive (always learning, creating, testing)

Global Team

Hylton Gudmanz

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Founder, free spirit, coach and activist. Coffee, please!

Chris Dickie

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Entrepreneur, developer of dreams, ops specialist. Spreadsheets, please!

Tom Macquet

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Visionary overseer, analyst, coach and homeopath. Tennis, please!

Kyle Gower-Winter

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Agile thinker, business leader, stratospherist.

 Tech, please!

Our Global Team is led by an entrepreneurial team who are always on the hunt for impactful, better ways of being. There will be others to follow, but these are the pioneers.


All of them love business and seeing people thrive, while two are musicians and two are gamers. Our team consists of specialists in business leadership, coaching, management consulting, supply chain logisitcs, project management, mentoring, workshop facilitation, research, brand management, event management, music creation, videography and game design. Our International Partners are currently found in The Netherlands, England, the USA, Switzerland, Kenya, South Africa and Australia, but we look forward to adding others soon.

We are aware that our difference needs to be experienced to be understood, so we invite you to test us out. We'll gladly add value before we add an invoice ;-)

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While we operate digitally everywhere, we have physical offices in South Africa and the USA at present. Wherever people need their performance to match their potential, count on us to support the vision.

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