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About Us

Focused People was born out of a passionate desire to fan potential into flame. We believe in long-term growth without sacrificing humanity - building courageous, versatile leaders and agile, effective teams.

What we noticed in organizations was:

  • Leadership behavior that encouraged blind-spots and compliance more than critical thinking, collaboration and creativity.

  • A general lack of meaning and purpose

  • "Siloed" hiring and "onboarding" practices 

  • A short-term focus that excluded customers, communities and even employee input

  • A lack of delivery - lots of "knowing" but so little "doing" what we promise

  • High levels of anxiety and stress, as people were asked to "do more with less" 

  • A lack of business-model innovation and inclusive creativity

  • A lack of skill in preparing the leadership "bench"

  • Workplace cultures that were devoid of "spirit" and the playful experimentation that drives innovation

  • Strategy that is separated from execution, with minimal conversion, role completion and efficiency

  • Quiet quitting, disengagement and lack of trust


Our Core

  • Encourage discovery (fresh insights and encounters)

  • Make a tangible difference (top-line, bottom-line, breakfast line)

  • Stay hungry (always learning, testing, exploring)

  • Stay grounded (humble, approachable and confident)

Global Leadership Team

Our Global Team are entrepreneurial by nature, always seeking better, more impactful ways of being. The team is aligned with diverse challengers who keep them accountable and aware of how the "ship" is tracking on its differentiated course.


Beyond our speciality in business effectiveness, the broader team is experienced in leadership development, coaching and mentoring, management consulting, supply chain logistics, project management, trust-based sales, learning facilitation, research, brand management, event management, music creation, videography and game design. Our International Partners are currently found in The Netherlands, The UK, The USA, Switzerland, Kenya, South Africa and Australia.

We are aware that our difference needs to be experienced to be understood, so we invite you to test us out. We'll gladly add value before we add an invoice ;-)

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