Your business model enables agility and inspires confidence to lead the market and engage your teams.


Your teams are focused, responsive and cohesive across physical and digital channels, enhancing your reputation.


You clearly manage

energy, resources and rapport to ensure business sustainability with wellness.


You find fresh ways to include, inspire and engage your customers, at know how you're doing at each touch-point.

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Are you Achieving


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Focus on what matters and
sustain high performance.
Focus is knowing what the desired target is  and making the fine adjustments to keep seeing clearly.

Are you needing to "do more with less", run "leaner" and still provide high-quality customer experiences in an uncertain business environment? 

We feel your pain. While "work-from-home" (WFH) has enabled new levels of autonomy and business continuity, it has introduced challenges to business models, quality assurance and social interaction. These challenges are not going away soon, neither is the need to balance profit and customer-centricity, engagement and execution, or innovation and consistency.

With 4IR and the rise of tech (AI, machine learning, IOT), many fear for their jobs. Yet the things that are irreplaceably human are often neglected and not rewarded. These "heart" skills, such as empathy, emotional fitness, creativity and accountability, are vital to competitive advantage, as is leadership and learning. If we aren't curious, caring and connected to our customers and colleagues, we'll soon become dinosaurs, stuck in "reptilian" thinking. 

Focused People can help you execute on your strategy and surprise your customers, with your reputation and well-being intact. We help you fine-tune your business model and amplify team energy and delivery.

Ready for your teams be exceptional? Contact us for a free consultation.

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  • We combine consulting, coaching, immersions and training to offer a "one-stop OD shop".

  • We think like owners on your behalf and act as an independent "sounding board" to support your growth.

  • We are large enough to impact multi-nationals, but small enough to deal with you personally. with a focus on maximizing your strengths and stimulating progress. 

  • We work across 17 industries and 19 nations and blend research, dialogue and practical business experience with an appreciation of your unique context and culture.

  • Our Leadership Team combines robust academic and practical backgrounds: from Leadership Development, Professional Speaking and Coaching to Health Services, Information Technology, Hospitality, FMCG and Logistics.



Game Strategy Plan
1. Being

We so easily lose focus, with the countless distractions, demands and necessities of living in a hybrid world of: digital interfaces and analogue humanity. We need to be visionary and agile enough to adapt quickly to market, industry and customer-related demands. Only 13% of organisations excel at developing world-class leaders, even though this would more than double their financial performance (Deloitte, 2019). We can lead the pack, then, through honing our business model, communication and execution. 

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2. Sustainable High

High-performance teams achieve spectacular results, consistently, while drawing on diversity and challenging each other to improve performance. In a world where remote and "physical" teams need to achieve great results together, productivity arises from both capacity and capability; morale and interpersonal mastery. We offer practical support, whether at the office, online or "in the trenches", to resource your teams and enhance their effectiveness.


Can you afford to wait?

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3. Customer

Being the best is often the enemy of becoming ever better. A quest to continuous improvement cannot stop at processes and systems. It needs to include enhanced customer and employee experiences. Innovation, thrives in a supportive ecosystem: how agile are your "ways of working"? If you need to increase your market share and revenue, we'll help you develop the mindsets and practices that underpin sustainable, long-term results.

Grow now!



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