In times of constant change, business people need:

Do you manage

energy and resources to ensure business sustainability with wellness and meaning?


Do your lived values, behavior and business model enable adaptability, along with safety and belonging?


Do you reward, budget and create space for creativity, ideas and growth across business units?


Are you focused, lean, responsive and effective, delivering on your potential and promise?


Need your communication to be clear, on-brand, consistent and interactive? Say no more.

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Are you Equipped

To Sustain High-performance?



  • Focus on what matters
  • Sustain energy, morale, performance and relevance
There's a lot of talk about being focused, yet few know that it starts with knowing what you want and making fine adjustments to keep seeing clearly (differentiating foreground and background constantly).

We are often expected to "do more with less", run "leaner" and yet provide high-quality customer experiences in an uncertain business environment. This isn't easy, and knowing what to focus on lifts some of the burden of remaining adaptable and resilient as business people. The challenges of growing in uncertain times are real, as is the need for energy, collaboration and being equipped to deliver innovatively in an evolving context.

With 4IR and the rise of tech (AI, machine learning, IOT), many fear for their jobs. Yet the things that are irreplaceably human are often neglected or not rewarded. These "heart" skills, such as empathy, emotional fitness, creativity and accountability, are vital to competitive advantage, as are leadership, wellness and deep learning. If we aren't curious and connected to our customers and colleagues, we'll soon become dinosaurs, stuck in "reptilian" thinking. 

Focused People will help you retool, deliver on your strategy and surprise your customers, without sacrificing your reputation or well-being. We will fine-tune your ways of working and help you innovate where it matters.

Ready to be both exceptional and adaptable? Contact us for a free consultation.

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  • We are specialists in the art of retooling: transition and innovation.

  • We think like owners on your behalf and act as an independent "sounding board" to support your strategy and your growth.

  • We deal with you personally. with a focus on maximizing your strengths and stimulating progress. 

  • We coach and consult across 18 industries and 19 nations, blending research, dialogue and practical business experience with your unique context and culture.

  • Our processes are agile, experiential and inclusive by design.



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1. Work-Life

We so easily lose focus, with the countless distractions and the demands of living with digital interfaces and analogue humanity. Only 13% of organisations excel at developing world-class leaders, even though this would more than double their financial performance (Deloitte, 2019). We train leaders, but don't develop leadership. Ready to be different? We will coach and train you to master the unautomatable core facets of work/life.

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2. Team Cohesion and Performance

High-performance individuals and  teams achieve spectacular results consistently, while drawing on diversity and challenging each other to grow. In a world where remote and "physical" teams need to achieve great results together, productivity arises from capacity and capability; morale and cohesion. We "oil the cogs", providing frameworks and resourcing your teams to truly collaborate and delivery on their potential.

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3. Innovation

Innovation doesn't happen by default; it is by design, built on the bedrock of executive support, systems and processes, accountability and culture. "More of the same" will not endear us to customers, nor will it sustain even loved brands. We might need to lead a revolution in our organisation and think differently about our value, impact and longevity. Focused People's Innovation Panel would love to help you envision and create your next. 



(Thanks for allowing us to serve your vision)

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