How can you ensure quality interactions and products, even when many of your team members are off-site?


Are your teams engaged, responsive and led effectively, enhancing individual & organizational reputation?


Are you managing 

your energy and resources, to ensure business sustainability with wellness?


Does your knowing become doing, where strategy is connected and customer success is central?



From sustaining stellar performance?



We are a global Team Performance Consultancy, maximizing team energy, connection and delivery.

Focus is all about being attentive and making adjustments to keep seeing clearly. For sustained high-performance, you need:

  • Leaders who guide, inspire and resource decentralized teams, manage stress and anxiety, broker difficult conversations and remain confident in uncertainty.

  • Teams that are high-performing, where standards are high and shared across all assignments, in spite of different roles, functions and team members.  

  • Enterprises that are clear on what should seldom change (your "pack separator") and what needs to change, either urgently or over time (the variables) - agile business models. 

Most businesses are trying to "do more with less", run "leaner" and integrate a blended reality of remote and face-to-face interactions. While WFH has enabled new levels of autonomy and business continuity, it has produced business model, quality and social challenges that most leaders are ill-equipped to oversee.


Focused People is your independent "sounding board", experienced innovation and development partners who help you deliver on your mandate, with reputation and presence intact. We turbo-charge your communication, employee and customer experience, while ensuring that wellness, safety and inclusion are addressed holistically. In the "infinite game" of business, we help you navigate change and equip your teams to deliver on their KPI's without sacrificing a positive work climate.

You probably don't style your own hair (it's better left to specialists who have a different perspective). Likewise, we are business partners who provide a "mirror", "modem" and "map" to support your growth - mindfully.

Our LeaderVu™ diagnostics and global team of growth facilitators, coaches, mentors and consultants will bridge gaps between potential and performance. 


Contact us for a free consultation.

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We stimulate growth in hungry organizations. We don't just talk about it; we partner with you to achieve growth in real-time and for the long term. We complement your existing strategy and align your teams, while supplementing their diet with support born out of experience across 17 industries, within 19 nations. 

We are known for being transparent and entrepreneurial on your behalf, combining our knowledge & experience with yours to achieve targets, innovate and serve your customers excellently, even in uncertain times.

Using a blend of research, dialogue and consultation, we get to know your context intimately and offer bespoke solutions on leadership and team performance. We also offer agile delivery methods and quick turnaround times.

If you need to minimize stress, enhance delivery capacity and innovate, let's connect.



1. Leadership

Only 13% of organisations excel at developing world-class leaders, even though this would more than double their financial performance (Deloitte, 2019). Uncertainty requires effective thinking, being and doing. We will help your leaders master energy, communication, strategy execution and executive presence effectively. In so doing, they will minimize stress, catalyze commitment and coach their teams to greatness. Ready?

2. Team Performance

High-performance teams achieve spectacular results, consistently, while harnessing diversity, challenging each other and collaborating, with a hunger to learn. In a world where hybrid remote and physical teams need to achieve great results, we optimize team productivity and execution capability. We offer practical support, online and "in the trenches", to resource your teams and enhance their effectiveness. Can you afford to wait?

3. Innovation

Always putting out fires? Crises catalyze change, but innovation stems from an ecosystem, not an event.

We can help you increase market share and revenue, stabilizing the "core" of your business and sustaining your reputation. We work "on" your business so you can deliver results "in" it. Embed the appropriate, effective culture and practices for you need. Why not achieve long-term results with a comparatively small investment now?



(Thanks for allowing us to serve your vision)





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