Are your Teams Energized, Effective and Future-fit?

The road ahead requires more focus and "horsepower" than before. Along with better communication, agility and rest (maintenance). 
Develop your sustainable advantage.


Being focused starts with knowing what you want, and making fine adjustments to keep seeing clearly. 

Focus and adapt to sustain energy and advantage

Can you relate to these challenges?

  • Being "always-on", with little room for work/life balance

  • Unclear or unspoken team expectations 

  • Unclear differentiation

  • Business model, ways of working (culture) or systems not agile enough

  • New roles or responsibilities, without transition or training

  • Anxiety, burnout, or regular fatigue

  • Conflict that undermines trust

  • Compliance and cost-cutting overruling capacity and creativity

  • Insufficient thought leadership 

  • Less-than-wow customer and employee experiences 

With the rise of AI, machine learning, IOT and quantum computing, the things that are irreplaceably human are even more important:. "Head and heart" skills are vital to competitive advantage, enabling leadership, learning and consistent brand experiences. 

Focused People will help your teams retool, deliver on your strategy and surprise your customers, without sacrificing your reputation or well-being. Fine-tune your focus and innovate where it matters most.



  • We are hands-on executive coaches, people developers and change agents.

  • We focus on teams as the central unit of growth, multiplying the sum of individual strengths. 

  • We are a trusted, independent "sounding board" for focus, adaptability and innovation.

  • We bring experience from more than 18 industries, 19 countries and 20 years of business partnering.

  • We remain "in the trenches" with you to implement growth and "wow" experiences.



1. IBEX Leadership

Only 13% of organisations excel at developing world-class leaders, even though this would more than double their financial performance (Deloitte, 2019). Are your initiativesfuture-fit?

Long-term growth requires a comprehensive, integrated, contemporary learning journey.

IBEX Leadership Journeys are engaging, accredited 6-8 month programs that strengthen the core of your business and stimulate growth. You will be sharpened in areas of: 

  • Leading Self, Teams, the Business and Change

  • Well-being, resilience and DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging) with input from 8th Mile (former Australian Special Forces)

  • Sustainable high performance

  • Innovation (business model, product and service)

  • Your people experience (CX+EX= PX).

  • Persuasive communication and story-telling (with business partner Oya)

IBEX Journeys offer accreditation via the Institute for Leadership and Management (UK) and measurable ROI through formal and reflective assessments.

Boldly stand where others fear to tread.

2. Team Focus

Change requires urgency, capacity, capability and innovation. Coaching of individuals and teams enables significant shifts via personalized, relevant, measurable partnership.

We can't see our own blind-spots, but we can invited trusted partners to uncover them with us. 

Focus Labs offer personalized team and business coaching that aligns teams and supports sustained high-performance. We consult on: 

  • Leadership Transition/ hand-overs

  • Embedding Values and Culture

  • Team Focus and Cohesion (such as during/after mergers or acquisitions)
  • Value Innovation (product, experience)

  • Resilience & Well-being

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Business-model Adaptation

  • Mentor and Coach Training

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Customer and Employee Experience

  • Executive Presence and Speaker Coaching  (Thought Leadership)


We facilitate masterclasses and convene panels of experts to support your teams in the "power skills" that sustain advantage.

You are not alone. Support change with specialized support. 

Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa
3. Business Immersions and Interludes

A digital waterfall has no spray. As social beings, we need interaction and stimulation (play) and inspiration often comes through challenge, dialogue or incubation.

Creating space for reflection, imagination and "wrestling" with issues is becoming a competitive advantage.

Off-site Immersions take people into "the field" to encounter diverse perspectives and innovative practices. There is no substitute for authentic encounters with a business case, especially when debriefed by experienced coaches, or as researcher Kolb wrote, "concrete experiences promote reflection, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation.".

We offer four package sizes:

  1. Small: One-day Immersions or effective, gamified team experience days

  2. Medium: One-and-a half day adventures into how Music or Photography offer profound insights on your business

  3. Large: Tailored multi-site Innovation Immersions, national or international.

  4. Interlude -  A mindful executive retreat for a post-pandemic world. Interludes inspire, refocus, energize and connect.                                                    

Go where inspiration can be found.



(Thanks for allowing us to serve your vision)

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