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Sales & Innovation


Growth is not an option, it's a business imperative.

Revenue Revisited

With costs constantly rising, organizations need margin - and so we create a buffer or hedge - but that's not enough. We need to reach new clients in existing markets, new business within existing clients and new markets beyond our current reach. Innovation ensures that our people feel involved in our future, and that the relationships we have with customers can be harnessed effectively. It also means we are not dependent on mergers & acquisitions for future revenue. For corporations, intrapreneurship is of great benefit: internal innovation hubs and a pool of leaders “thinking like owners” on behalf of the business. Autonomy, belonging and sustainable relevance are the outcomes.

Paying it Forward

With unemployment in South Africa officially at 30% and youth unemployment beyond 50% (Stats SA), the our home nation needs to create entrepreneurs, since one in three graduates also can’t find work. You can partner with us, as we equip the next generation of small, medium and micro enterprise (SMME) owners.

We collaborate with GEN Africa, Venture Capitalists and corporate sponsors who believe in ideation and exposure to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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