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Things Fall Apart

With apologies to Chinua Achebe, I lament the unfortunate turn of events which cost the South African Cricket team its place in the T20 World Cup.

There are multiple factors to consider:

  1. Peaking too soon – did the Proteas pour their energies into the IPL or early rounds of the competition, only to find limited resources for the semi-final? Did they goal-set “to” the semi, instead of “through” it to the final?

  2. Urgency – was it lacking in the initial overs of batting? Had intensity given way to caution in the face of real pressure in a must-win situation?

  3. Strategy – had the bowlers considered alternative scenarios?

  4. Tradition – was the decision to retain the “normal” batting order the correct one?

  5. “Freebies” – does one good over by a part-timer deserve another?

  6. Individual brilliance – did Afridi’s brilliance just have no equal on the night?

Which ever way we take the outcome, the team must not rest until they resolve ALL of the above in their favour. They are, after all, the best team never to take home World Cup silverware.

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