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Small is the new Big

Everyone seems to be chasing the same fish – marlin – when thousands of sardines are passing our coast!

Along with the official recession announcements, a serious governmental committment to SME development has resurfaced recently. SME’s represent the largest opportunity for job creation in South Africa and beyond. Without a doubt, there are challenges, and no start-up is without risk or personal sacrifice. If 500,000 new jobs are to be created, let us hope that they will be found not only in the public sector, but also through innovative, fresh necessities offered by SME’s.

I have noticed a trend in my interaction with independent consultants: many are still going after the Big Deal – a tender from Sasol, or Eskom, for example. These contracts do exist, but are likely to take many months to realise, and competition is intense. Those consultants who are committed to adding value to SME’s seem to have plenty of work, but are unlikely to make millions each year. It’s a compromise, but well worth exploring, as SME’s are an expanding market, and likely to offer great referral opportunities for work well done.

I have had the privilege of walking a road with two manufacturing concerns, both of whom turn over more than R50 million a year. Yet no-one is bending over backwards to help them optimise their processes, streamline their systems or harmonise their relationships. Which is why I have work, and am grateful to see the fruit of my labour.

Why not join me in supporting the bedrock of our economy – the small-to-medium enterprise. And build friendships that go beyond a boardroom.

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