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Similarly Different

We are all unique. No-one shares our fingerprints.

I also believe that there is a unique place in the sun for each of us, a field of dreams where we can enjoy the reward of our sowing, ploughing, watering and harvesting. Our delight is to keep exploring the rich deposit of talent, experiences and imagination we possess, in order to find where we thrive.

Of course, we also have advisors, and God, to consult with. Seldom does one find it immediately. And seldom is it one-dimensional and all-encompassing. We can still maintain good family relationships, for instance, while pursuing our “calling”.

The other side of the coin, of course, is that we are not alone in our struggle to “become,” and not alone in our capacity to love, think and experience this life. Those around us are remarkably similar, under the skin. Their field of dreams may differ, yet their drive does not. It may be that helping someone else unlock their future sets you on a course towards your own.

Whaetver your circumstances right now, take a look at your hands again today. They have a special place to work. And so do the hands of those around you.

Put your hand to the plough, and don’t look back.

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