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Overstretching eBucks?

I love FNB. They were there for me when I was 16, and they’re there for me now that I’m…well, now.

Michael Jordaan is a visionary, with a track record of innovation, openness and collaboration. Why, then, is some of their latest marketing misleading?

“eBucks” is still one of the most lauded reward system, far surpassing peers. The latest advertisements for Gold Cheque accounts, proliferating the airwaves, show how FNB has understood the market trends, and lowered the barriers to entry. They also claim that one can earn eBucks on qualifying transactions. WHAT THEY DON’T TELL YOU is that it may take up to two years to reach 5000 points, which seems to be the benchmark for beginning to see the rewards. I qualify, my wife doesn’t. She surely would have, back in the days when one simply earned eBucks because it was a LOYALTY programme. You know, where the business understands that keeping customers happy keeps them loyal, instead of going to, say, Capitec or Virgin’s new Mahala concept?

The consumer is not stupid, though we might be missing a trick here. I do hope FNB can clarify their intent, as it seems that they have changed the rules of the game, as the players enter the field from their changing rooms. And that, dear friends, is not what I’d call a recipe for engagement.

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