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One Day Only!

I am amazed at the difference a day makes!

Last week, I was disappointed by the fact that the urgency I felt was not shared by my client. I had done everything in my power to make progress simple and – I thought – natural. Yet the phone didn’t ring – even when I stared at it – and the email didn’t arrive. My expectations were too high, perhaps, and I found myself sinking into negative thought patterns.

My lack-lustre Wednesday – spirit down, hands-in-the-pockets – was partly a result of realising that progress was no longer within my locus of control, but nested in the hands of others.

One day later, I received the call that all was well, and I could begin my new role. What a joy! And how remarkable that a little bit of good news could literally transform my week. I found myself sporting a spring in my step, a smile on my dial and noticing the needs of others more.

I really believe that we should not “despise the day of small beginnings,” but rather delight ourselves in every piece of positivity. Celebrate even little successes – and keep encouraged. If we allow ourselves to be taken in by the atmosphere of cynicism that so easily surrounds us, we will cease to be effective catalysts.

By also being with “encouragers”, and praising others for acts of excellence and endeavour, we will find ourselves more relaxed, more productive and less volatile.

We are, perhaps, only one day away from our breakthrough.

#Control #Encouragement #Expectations #Positivity

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