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Inspired Bag-carriers?

How do you inspire a man to load bags of concrete well, faster and / or more productively?

I have wrestled with this for quite a while. It is not as simple as one would think.

We can force someone to perform a task, if we have sufficient power, yet can never make him or her enjoy it or do it well. Excellence is a choice.

Or, as my good friend Patrick Coetzee would say, “you gotta wanna.”

As I contemplated the challenge, it occured to me that it’s important to identify the basic motivators of all people. These would include what I call the IVS – intra-veinous supply or Identity, Value and Security needs. These are seen in a hunger for acceptance, belonging, confidence and self-worth, which issues from the competencies one has. For our bag-carrier or CEO, these appear to be valid.

Respect is the starting point for inspiring the individual. An interest in his or her development is next, with inquiry into the person’s perceived growth path. The bag-carrier has dreams of advancement, and must be allowed to envisage the current situation as acceptable, with opportunties to keep growing.

Reward is the next parameter. I firmly believe that fixed pay is not as effective at inducing productivity as commission. I suggest moving payment to a “per bag” ratio, as opposed to “per day” or week.

Lastly, Recognition is important. No-one wants to save away without appreciation for their contribution. Regular, constructive feedback and private recognition cement a bond which goes beyond mortar to motivation. Add to this public recognition, in a cermeony or such-like rite of passage, and Retention is added to the mix.


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