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Do you use the phrase (actually a clause), “I’m inclined to agree”?

I’m fascinated by how words have a life of their own – a word casually used a hundred years ago soon becomes the unspoken expletive. In this case, the word is quite profound.

Attitude is hard to define. People tell us, “Change your attitude!” without being able to explain HOW!

The best definition I have encountered was first used by Lou Tice, from The Pacific Institute, who related it to the attitude of an aircraft – the inclination of the wings when compared to the horizon.

Applied to human beings, then, the point is that a goal is an horizon we hope to attain. But we will find ourselves leaning towards or away from the goal emotionally, often based on our history. If I lean towards (am inclined to embrace) the goal, I find the right motivation and energy to move towards it. If, however, I find myself in procrastination, avoidance, poor-quality work (out of character) or frustration when contemplating the goal, I have an attitude problem. I simply don’t want to go there.

The solution? As my good friend, Patrick Coetzee, would say, “You gotta wanna!”

Have you explored why you, perhaps, feel obliged to have this goal? Is it your desire? Is your past too loud in your ears, rather than trusted advisers? Is there a Lighthouse warning you of going aground, perhaps?

Changing one’s attitude involves emotional intelligence and learning to make the new way stronger in your thinking (mindset) than the old way. It’s a pattern of thinking that needs a strong desire or dissatisfaction with the status quo- greater than the desire to stay the same!

It’s not easy, but it’s a process we can master. Start with the desire, add the thought-through benefits and mentally rehearse the behaviour you want, with words and visualisation.

After only a few days, you’ll find that you are now more inclined to move towards the horizon you decided on than move away from it towards your “comfort zone”.

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