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Financial Freedom?

Do you want it as much as I do? This elusive state of affairs will not happen by accident.

I am convinced, now more than ever, that diversification is the key, in our South African economy at least.

This means refusing to ever be employed again,if if you work for a boss. In other words, it’s a mindset (Tom Peters calls it a PSF or Professional Service Firm) of rendering your services to a company. You are not dependent on them. You add value to them, through your transferable skills, knowledge and natural talent.

Of course, passive income is part two of the equation. Without this, you are limited in your impact. When you think of your past, it is littered with examples of effectiveness and passion, sometimes even being “in the zone” for hours at a high level of excellence. This experience can be brought to bear as an alternate career, whether it starts by making you R20 a month or more.

It is time to set up multiple streams of income, whether by writing, walking dogs, or using musical and other skilss and talents we have honed over time. BOTH / AND, not EITHER/ OR.

And it is time to be generous, with our time and money, helping others and expanding our influence and network. What we give away makes us more desirable.

Then we will be on our way to the kind of freedom we desire, to be the head, and not the tail.

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