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Being Strategic by Intent

Are you strategic by intent or neglect?

I find most leaders are too operational to be strategic. They are concerned with issues and challenges that righfully belong in their team-members’ domains.

It is unfortunate that business seldom allows us the privilege of having all our ducks in a row. We find ourselves needing to train someone new, or invest time and effort entrenching new processes, when we’d prefer not to. This is seasonal. We must, however, regularly set aside time to be a visionary, or our organisations will show signs of clarity-stress.

A trusted friend once asked me,” What must you -and you alone – do in the business?” It’s an elucidating question. I realised that much of my portfolio could have been outsourced. Which meant that I was not spending my time engaging my strengths, my uniqueness, on the job as often as I could.

Please don’t wait for “visionary” time to arrive on its own. You’ll be in neglect-mode. And you – and your company – deserve better than that.

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