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A simple engagement

All it took was one moment, and I knew that I was transformed!

No, nothing spiritual here (welcome though that is); rather, I am referring to a case of exceptional service, from a JHB North plumber.

The background: I am notoriously inept when it comes to being a handyman. Yet I am the best equipped to facilitate practical things around the house. Net result? I have great friends who assist, and I’m not afraid to ask for help. What a delight, though, when you encounter assistance without asking!

In my quest for a solution to a leaking cistern, a plumber from JHB North Plumbing heard my parts request from a supplier and asked what the problem was (he was waiting for his order to be fulfilled, too). Not only did he help to establish the REAL issue, but also offered hemp from his own supplies, and a quick lesson in how to use it to seal the pipe connection. What a star! Dude, I never got your name, but you are noted!

The point, of course, is that I was not seeking a new plumber. But I have found one. I have been touched by an individual act of kindness, which informs my emotional connection to the brand he represents. And I do mean represents. This person was the sum total of the brand, its personality and values, yesterday. I have seen their advertisements often. But I have now experienced their brand, care of Mystery Man. Oh, and the leak is history 😉

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