“Knowing your business and yourself can help you to know when to follow your instincts. Self-awareness can also help you to persevere as you carry out your plan.”

Richard Branson, Entrepreneur.com. June 3, 2013

From Ideas to Execution and Founder to Facilitator

Most people “discover themselves” at a late stage in life, if at all. We are curious by nature, and as children were defined by the question, “Why?” – much to the frustration of our parents. Upon entering the school system and the workplace, however, we are mostly stifled and told to respect authority, which implies leaving the “whys” for a later date. For entrepreneurs, it is necessary to constantly ask the “Why” question, along with “What (is the market doing or needing)?” and “Where (is the best place to make this happen)?”

Entrepreneurs, indeed, face many dilemmas in business. Not only are they the Strategic “ideas person”, but they are often initially the Marketing, HR, Finance and Operations Head.  The additional challenge of scale is daunting: how to build an asset of value that is worth passing on, or selling. Scaling the enterprise also requires investment in staff  development, systems and communication, which entrepreneurs are seldom well-equipped to deliver initially.

Mentors and coaches help to minimise the risk of decisions made in haste, with insufficient insight or forethought. Individual entrepreneurs and their teams may be supported on their journey from self-awareness to strategy execution and sustainable asset value. We assist in maximising brand and personal reputation, organisational values alignment, talent management and strategic change management. Integrating emotional intelligence, attentional control and a refined business practice, we focus on what really matters: exceptional performance.

Why not ensure that communication, reputation and intention align well in your business, for the greatest long-term impact?

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