Hylton Gudmanz

Hylton Gudmanz is a Business Partner, Leadership Specialist and Business Coach.

He is the Executive Director of Focused People and a Faculty Member of IDM Business School.  Hylton has a deep passion for helping leaders to implement their great ideas and be the effective people they desire to be. He is passionate about maximised potential, digital brand  communication and creative and innovative solutions. When not empowering businesses, he is often found drinking coffee or writing and performing music.

Hylton endeavours to integrate  strategy, experience and communication,  so that reputation is enhanced and value increased (productivity/profitability).

He brings four types of experience:

  1.  creative:  musical and ideation
  2.  brand: customer experience (CX), media & communications (technology), values & culture-building
  3.  people development: learning, coaching, partnering (e.g.  stress, performance, leadership education
  4.  community: ngo, reputation management and impact measurement

This unique combination enables him to help people see things from an alternative angle and then implement the changes necessary to see long-term impact.

A Journey of Impact

Hylton has been active in multi-cultural relationship-building and reconciliation initiatives since 1988, in the Eastern Cape, Gauteng and internationally, having inherited a love for isiXhosa from his father as a child. His Bachelor of Arts degree (1994) – with Psychology, English and African Languages – and post-graduate Diploma in Education (1995) – led to four years in Secondary Education, before expanding his work into the business arena, as a corporate trainer, copywriter and media producer. Headhunted by a mentor, Hylton spent seven years with The Pacific Institute, South Africa, as an international facilitator of capacity-building curricula, coach and Project Director. He also worked extensively with emerging leaders in Alexandra and Zandtspruit, with the Grassroots Trust.

In 2005, he joined Dreambuilders, a Brand Maximising Consultancy based in Durban, to develop and facilitate programmes for the Mr. Price Foundation, onboarding processes for Sasol and Wesbank, and to oversee the creative design team. tasked with brand development and marketing.  In 2007, a deep passion for Leadership Development and Coaching lead him to launch Focused People, working with blue-chip organisations, entrepreneurs and NGO’s to optimise service delivery and brand engagement. His proficiency in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa and a passion for understanding diversity and culture allow him to seamlessly operate in diverse contexts and empower multi-national teams.

Hylton was given the opportunity in 2010 to work with the Centre for Leadership and Dialogue at GIBS, a top African business school, and was involved with developing leadership programmes that cross traditional boundaries. More recently, he has partnered with IDM Ltd (a Pan-African Business School), in launching the IDM School of Coaching, with Myles Downey as a patron. He is a passionate researcher and partner to business leaders. He holds a Master’s degree in Personal and Professional Leadership from the University of Johannesburg.

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