Focused People is a boutique People Management Consultancy, improving business effectiveness. Sustainably.

We are a team of positive catalysts, who assist people with their quest to be personally, relationally and organisationally effective. We are passionate about healthy organisational culture, leadership mastery – or role execution –  and great “team playing” that includes productivity.

We partner with organisations who cannot afford to lose ground to competitors and recognise the value of investing in their people, since not all people are an asset. Commoditisation occurs in every industry, and true sustainability exists at the hands of engaged and effective individuals who operate well in teams and lead in an agile, context-appropriate manner.  We connect, coach and partner to create and sustain great value and marketable advantage.

Why Choose Us?

Because you want real growth.

No-one wants to waste their money, investing in “solutions” that solve nothing. Rosabeth Moss-Kanter from Harvard has commented that no-one wants to “change,” but we all want freshness and growth. Focused People believes that every intervention should make a measurable impact, whether by simplifying, clarifying, empowering or eradicating. We all need external assistance, from time to time, to see beyond our blind-spots and “specialities” in business, returning to our core competencies and strategic imperatives.

Because you want a business partner, not a leech.

External perspective is meaningless without buy-in and internal know-how. We work with executives to address the root causes of challenges and to integrate communication and capacity-building with the core business strategy.  We coach and develop teams as though they were our own, avoiding dependency, but creating sustainable relationships. If you are serious about growth, we’d love to work with you to achieve it.

Because we share your passion for sustainable, long-term results.

We are committed to sustainable competitive advantage, not just a brief intervention. As such, we choose our clients carefully and serve them wholeheartedly.  Most HR departments should be outsourced, unfortunately, because they don’t work with line managers to understand the inner workings of their organisation, cannot justify the ROI of their initiatives and don’t contribute to innovation and strategic execution. We aim to be the opposite, using experiential activities and REAL conversations about REAL issues, going beyond talk to delivery. And we always connect you to the best knowledge and resources, whether it exists within our team or not.

Our Values

We endeavour to make the “way” we do business as helpful and empowering as the “what” of the work we do. We cannot help but be:

  • Personal – sharing ourselves approachably, while operating creatively within our specialist area
  • Engaging– transcending the generic by bringing insights and customised experiences into each interaction
  • Practical – providing learning that is valuable, easy to apply and encourages ownership and accountability.

Hylton Gudmanz founded the organisation in 2007, and is still actively involved, ably assisted by our Focused Associates, who are specialists and work happily in their own field of dreams.