Engaged Inividuals
+ Aligned Teams
= Focused People

How Focused are You?

We are increasingly being asked to Step up and Do More, so that our organisation can compete, off-set downsizing or cope with mergers and acquisitions.

Mastery of Focus (Personal, Interpersonal and Professional) is key to sustaining competitive advantage, along with tools to impact culture and systems. Each person, then, needs to be in the right role, engaged, communicating excellently and executing effectively. This is truly “living the brand” – and achieving our potential.

Human beings will always be needed for creative, strategic work and building relationships, according to Dr. Graeme Codrington. Focused People has a “whole person” approach that equips people to excel at delivering on their promise. In this way, subconscious sabotage by disengaged, disempowered or poorly “fitted” co-workers is avoided, and the results follow as a matter of course. Jim Collins, author of Good to Great and co-author of Great by Choice found that we don’t need to “motivate” the right people (those who are a brand and role fit). Rather, he says, we need to stop doing the things that de-motivate them. We refer to this as “removing the interference” between potential and performance.

A 21st Century Leadership journey is about challenging ourselves to refine our thinking and lead self, others and the enterprise (with apologies to Star Trek) well. Change is normal, but – strangely – adaptability is not. We develop the skills of critical thinking, effective communication, collaboration, innovation, contextual awareness – and confidence in who we we and what we bring.

Focused People will co-design journeys with you that enhance your business resilience and sustain your influence

Engage your people; align them; fulfil your purpose.